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Vivica Fox

Vivica Fox & 15 Other Celebs Who’ve Slayed The Grey Hair Trend

Last year’s color trends aren’t going anywhere – in fact, they are amped up even more in 2016 with even more color…

woman with back facing us

So, How Are Those Hair Resolutions Coming Along?

Achieving healthy and strong hair is not a race – it’s part of a life long journey that starts with these four key tips.

egg yolks

7 Reasons To Use Eggs On Your Hair

In need of some serious hair repair? The benefits of using eggs for hair growth and health may surprise you.

marines locks and twists

Locks and Twists Are Now Allowed In The Marines

New policy makes female marines in uniform the first members of the U. S. military allowed to wear locs and twists in their hair.

natural hair updo

Blogger Buzz: Hair & Beauty Tips For The Holidays

As we prep for another round of holiday festivities (some of us have yet to recover from Thanksgiving), we reached out to…

beer benefits

7 Hair & Beauty Benefits Of Beer

Here are seven reasons to add beer to your hair and beauty routine.

Rihanna X Lil Mama X Nicki Minaj

Mane Moves: 12 Celebs Who Have Dared To Go Blue

These celebs have been serving serious hair inspiration with their blue mane moves.

shea butter

11 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Shea Butter

The hair and beauty benefits of this West African staple are endless! From healing stretch marks to sealing in moisture, here’ s why you should be using shea butter.

10 New Hair Vloggers You Should Follow

Short, sweet and to-the-point, add these 10 hair and beauty vloggers to your must-watch list.

6 Products To Beat The Heat Damage While Straightening

Tis’ the season that natural girls can straighten their hair without fear of walking outside and instantly transforming into a chia pet….