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Statement Up-Do

Style of the Day: Statement-Making Up-Do

If your hairstyle isn’t making a statement, it may be time to change it up a little. The trusty up-do is a…

Care for dyed hair hypehair

Give Extra Care to Colored Hair

When you chemically change the color of your hair, it should not come as a surprise to change your hair regimen as…

Throwback Thursday: ’70s Beauty & Hair Looks to Replicate Today

Although beauty and hair looks are constantly evolving every day, sometimes there’s nothing like flashing back to the glamorous looks of yesteryear….

Tiny Hair

Hair Crush Wednesday: Tiny Harris’ Curly to Straight Tresses

Tiny Harris may be a lot of things in your book, but boring isn’t one of them. Her hair speaks for itself. How…

Christina McLean

Natural Hair Braiders Challenge Arkansas Braiding Regulations

Should natural hair braiders be held to the same regulations as cosmetologists? Should they have to get the 1500 hours of training…

Trimming Your Ends 101

Long hair does not mean healthy hair despite popular belief. We often skip much needed hair trims for fear of losing our…

Whip Your Hair

Press Play: 10 Best Songs About Hair

The topic of hair can have you seated in your location for hours. Whether you’re getting it done, learning about it, or complaining about…

Jennifer Hudson Short look Hypehair

Flashback Friday: Jennifer Hudson’s Road to Fabulous Hair

It’s been 10 years since Jennifer Hudson stepped on the scene and blew us all away with her powerful vocals. She was a…


Velaterapia: The Hot New Brazilian Hair Treatment

Velaterapia! Have you heard of it? No? Well, its the next greatest hair treatment among Brazilian women. You may be familiar with…

10 Beyonce-Inspired Hairstyles to Rock For ‘On The Run’ Tour

Beyonce likes her hair like her performance – big, bold, and memorable. The Carters started their On The Run Tour with a fashionable bang….