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9 Reasons Why Your Hair May Not Be Growing

From your diet to stress or even an under-active thyroid, here are possible reasons why your hair is not growing – and how to fix it.

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Hype Chat: Baltimore MUA Talks Postpartum Hair Loss

(Photo credit: AshleyWalker.com) The female body goes through a copious amount of changes during pregnancy, and understandably so since new life is about…


New Technology Prevents Hair Loss Caused by Chemo

 This is like music to the ears of cancer patients who are plagued by the fear of extreme hair loss: New technology may…

The Simple Step You Need to Include In Your Regimen For Less Hair Breakage

Coconut oil has been established as THE oil to use to reduce chipping of the cuticle, breakage and damage. Like most things…

Countess Vaughn | Lacefront Wigs

Actress Countess Vaughn Reveals Hair Loss From Wearing Lacefront Wigs

Actress and singer Countess Vaughn appeared on The Doctors last week to talk about the irreversible damage she incurred from wearing lace…

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Q&A: Is My Diabetes Medication Causing My Hair To Shed?

In this week’s Q&A, hair expert Dr. Melanye Maclin addresseses a reader’s concern about hair loss due to medications