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Women With Towel on Head

Your Towel Might Be Damaging Your Hair

Here’s why you should ditch your cotton towel for a t-shirt or, even better, air drying.

natural hair updo

Blogger Buzz: Hair & Beauty Tips For The Holidays

As we prep for another round of holiday festivities (some of us have yet to recover from Thanksgiving), we reached out to…

@HypeHair X Periscope

Join Hype Hair For Our Periscope Kickoff | November 20

Whether relaxed or natural, we all love a good #curlstory and we want to know yours!

woman reading

9 Beauty Books To Read This Fall

We live in a world where you don’t have to wait for anyone to teach you the latest contour methods or which…

Monáe Everett X Faux Bob

Holiday Party Hair: Cute Faux Bob

Sometimes you get short hair envy but you’re too chicken to cut your hair. Make a big splash with new holiday party…