Hair Care

Workout Style Tips X Monaé Everett

Workout Hair Tips For Women With Straight Hair

Celebrity hairstylist Monaé Everetta gives workout style ideas that can help you maintain your ‘do well enough to even go out on a date afterwards.

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7 Reasons To Use Eggs On Your Hair

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Is Your Hair Keeping You From The Gym?

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Learn How To Correctly Highlight & Contour With These 5 YouTube Tutorials

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Women With Towel on Head

Your Towel Might Be Damaging Your Hair

Here’s why you should ditch your cotton towel for a t-shirt or, even better, air drying.


From Toner To Hair Treatment: 5 Benefits Of Rosewater

The multi-tasking power of rosewater is great for all skin and hair types.

SistersWithBeauty Protective Style

Stop Being Nasty With Your Protective Styles

How many of us are leaving our protective styles in too long? How long should we really keep them in?

Get The Look: Twisted Pompadour

Turn Heads With This Twisted Pompadour & Mohawk Tutorial

Give your hair some edge with this funky textured ‘do!

Purple Haze x Glam Life

17 Hairstyles To Put You In A Purple Haze

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7 Hair & Beauty Benefits Of Beer

Here are seven reasons to add beer to your hair and beauty routine.