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Kelly Rowland Curly Hair

How to Flawlessly Blend Your Hair and Weave

Celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble breaks down how to flawless blend your hair with anytime of weave, from curly and coily to straight and wavy.

Sisters With Beauty

Wear the Curls, Don’t Let The Curls Wear YOU

Sisters With Beauty’s Diane Ramsey serves up serious style with her latest hair crush: crochet braids with pre-curled extensions.

beautiful smile

15 Ways To Naturally Whiten Your Teeth At Home

From chewing sugar-free gum and baking soda to oil pulling and even using a drinking straw, here are 15 natural and inexpensive ways to whiten your teeth at home.

Woman washing her hair

5 Ways Water-Only Hair Washing Has Benefited My Hair Regimen

If you’re like me, it was hard to give up shampooing all the time, and it was even harder to give up conditioning…

woman looking in mirror

13 Ways To Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Having dark circles under your eyes can say a lot about your health and lifestyle. They can even make you look older…

rosemary oil

9 Ways To Use Rosemary For Better Hair & Health

Did you know that rosemary is more than just a fragrant aroma or flavor to add to your favorite food or tea?…

NYFW X Mizani

Get The Look: Textured Hair ‘Do’s From NYFW With MIZANI

MIZANI artist Jamal Edmonds shows how to get the look on textured ‘do’s created during NYFW runway presentations for Rich Girl Candy and Sammy B Designs.

Food For Hair

Add These 17 Power Foods To Your Diet

Eating healthy and a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise is one of the best ways to healthy hair, skin, nails and a…

Naturally Smitten

Are Silicones Harmful To Your Hair?

Naturally Smitten’s Tasha Branham shares her take on whether silicones are good – or bad- for your hair.

Coconut Oil

6 Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Skin And Hair Care

Blogger Napturally Dany shares six ways she uses powerhouse coconut oil in her daily hair and skin regimens.