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Food For Hair

Add These 17 Power Foods To Your Diet

Eating healthy and a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise is one of the best ways to healthy hair, skin, nails and a…

Naturally Smitten

Are Silicones Harmful To Your Hair?

Naturally Smitten’s Tasha Branham shares her take on whether silicones are good – or bad- for your hair.

Coconut Oil

6 Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Skin And Hair Care

Blogger Napturally Dany shares six ways she uses powerhouse coconut oil in her daily hair and skin regimens.

black skin care

11 Ways To Remove Skin Tags Naturally

Are you sick and tired of those pesky skin tags and how annoying they can be especially when they rub against your…

postpartum hair loss

5 Tips For Dealing With Postpartum Hair Loss

Georgina Fihosy, pharmacist and editor-in-chief of ‘That Healthy Feeling’, reveals the top five tips she uses to deal with postpartum hair loss.

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Dr. Hair Reveals The One Thing You Need For Healthy Hair

In today’s beauty world, one of the biggest trending topics is healthy, shiny hair: how to get it and how to keep it….

Janet Jackson

14 Times Celebs Went From Dark To Lighter Tresses

Time for a color change? Check out the mane divas who’ve fabulously gone from dark to lighter tresses.


CurlMix Launches DIY Subscription Box For Naturalistas

New subscription service CurlMix takes the guess work out of creating DIY hair products home with its monthly box of ingredients and video demos.

big, curly, textured hair

Hair Porosity 101: What Is It & Why You Need To Know

Claire Brown, founder of Kriya Botanicals, schools us on hair porosity and why we need to identify our level for better moisturizing and growth.

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4 Health And Beauty Benefits Of Wheatgrass

Remember the old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away?” Well, the same goes for wheatgrass. The health benefits of…