How To

Matching Hair Color to Skin Undertones

By Jenna Brooks Have you been looking for a new hair color to spice up the holiday season with? There are so…

What is Prepooing and Should You Do It?

By Choya Randolph As a natural, you may not want your hair squeaky clean. That may sound dirty but that excessive cleanliness…

Ways to Curl and Stretch Your Hair Without Using Heat

By Choya Randolph One of the most important things we have to do as naturals is keep our hair detangled. In doing…

Low Porosity vs. High Porosity Hair

By Choya Randolph Struggling with dry hair? Many of us try to combat our parched hair by layering on a bunch of…


How To Make Your Own Hair Gel

By Choya Randolph If you’re not seeing the curl definition you want then you probably need a gel. A lot of us…

Bleaching Natural Hair

By Choya Randolph For naturals who want to change their hair color, bleaching may be the only way to get the exact…

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