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contemporary curls

Style of the Day: Contemporary Curls

For centuries, curls have been the go-to style for ultra feminine flair. With changes here and there, the style is still a…

Care for dyed hair hypehair

Give Extra Care To Colored Hair

When you chemically change the color of your hair, it should not come as a surprise to change your hair regimen as…

control frizz sisters with beauty

Singing In The Rain: 3 Steps to Control Frizz

With the summer usually comes lots of rain and humidity, and as a natural, you could probably go on for days about…

5-Minute Updo Tutorial

Here’s what you need for this updo tutorial: 1. Stretched hair 2. Moisturizer for your edges and nape 3. Bobby pins 4….

Tantalizing Textures

Get The Look: Tantalizing Textures!

Contrary to popular belief, you are never limited with what you can do with your textured tresses. There are so many fun…

Ups and Downs

Get The Look: Ups and Downs

Versatility is the best part of style because switching things up a little bit every now and then will always keep things…

Easy Tips to Shiny Hair

Looking for easy tips to keep your hair looking shiny and healthy? You know, like the models you see in the magazines…

lace front wig

Get The Look: Work A Lace Front Wig

The lace front wig technique is all about instant glam. Once only a luxury for highly paid celebrities, lace front wigs are…

Long and Strong

Step By Step: Long and Strong

This fabulous look features a grande display of marvelous spiral curls. As a styling technique, our hairstylist used a pin-curl type of…

Get The Look Think Like A Man Too

Get The Look: ‘Think Like A Man Too’ Tousled Waves Feat. Motions

Are you excited about the premiere of Think Like A Man Too like I am? Okay, I will admit, I didn’t think…