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Different Black Hair Textures

By Choya Randolph As a new natural, it’s a rite of passage to spend hours watching videos of naturals talking about their…

Wash Day For New Naturals

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How to Make Your Own Protein Treatments

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Trimming Your Own Hair

By Choya Randolph With quarantine, a lot of us haven’t been able to go to the salon as often as we’d like…


What is Prepooing and Should You Do It?

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Low Porosity vs. High Porosity Hair

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Pantene Scientists

Haircare Products Created by Experts Who Know Your Texture

A dedicated team of PhDs and scientists developed a haircare line using innovative technology and superior ingredients made specifically for textured hair.

#HypeChat: The DreamGirls Are Taking Over The Natural Hair World

DreamGirls is bringing your haircare dreams to life.

Skai Jackson X Dancing With The Stars

Skai Jackson’s Hairstylist Shares Inspo Behind Her ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Looks & This Tip For Frizz-Free Hair

Celeb hairstylist Ray Christopher shares deets on the actress’ crush-worthy tresses.

Miko Branch styling client's hair

3 Tips on How to Develop a Natural Hair #QuarantineRoutine

Miss Jessie’s CEO Miko Branch dishes on how to get salon-worthy hair in the comforts of home.