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10 Must-Have DIY Face and Body Scrubs

Out with the old and in with the new! That’s the idea behind our favorite exfoliating scrubs. Gently washing away your dead…

The Perfect Eyebrow Shape

The Perfect Eyebrow Shape

How to shape your brows for a “finished” look. Two techniques in eyebrow shaping are shown in the video. Pencil technique and…

The Artists Behind Your Favorite Celebrity Nails

Nail art has become very popular, and with the advantage that social media gives, talented nail artists all over the world have…

Yes To Grapefruit Dark Spot Correcting Serum

I Say ‘Yes’ to Grapefruit Dark Spot Correcting Serum

Let me start by saying this: Although many have been purchased, I have never ever repurchased a dark mark correcting cream, serum…

Product Junkie

Organization 101 for Product Junkies

Are you a product junkie? No matter if you prefer to be dubbed a beauty enthusiast or a hoarder, one thing’s for…

Parting Ways With My Shellac Manicure

I’ve officially decided end my long term relationship with Shellac manicures. While there are no hard feelings, I have found a product…

NARS Summer Gifting Nail Polish

NARS Summer 2014 Gifting: Limited Edition Nail Polish & Lip Sets

And more NARS! Summer limited edition-ness for you to get into. Check it out… NARS Cosmetics introduces three exciting new gifting items…

Winged Eyeliner

How To Create A Fool-Proof ‘Pin-Up Perfect’ Winged Eyeliner

Did you know that years ago I was a makeup artist for like…2.5 seconds? WAY back in the day I brought tons…

6 Ways To Get The Best Beauty Rest

Getting the proper amount of sleep is more important than we may think. It can mean healthy skin, nails, hair and sanity….

Adovia Mineral Skin Care Purifying Mud Mask

The Best Vitamin C Serum Ever!

I did a review last month on the Nature’s Best Vitamin C Serum by Mystelic, and my bottle went fast, so I…