Megan Thee Stallion

Revlon Announces Megan Thee Stallion As New Brand Ambassador

Our Hot Girl Summer just got hotter, thanks to Revlon.

Forvr Mood Collection

Jackie Aina’s New Home & Beauty Brand Is Exactly What We Need Right Now

This entire collection is a mood, honey!

Fenty Beauty

Fenty Skincare is Here!

And it’s already selling out!


Tap Into The Healing Power of Gem-Infused Beauty

Crystal energy for our hair and skincare? Yes, please!

Hand Sanitizer Bottles

5 Hand Sanitizers That Fight Germs and Dry Skin

Because ashiness is never an option.

Four lipsticks lined side by side

7 Black-Owned Lipsticks To Buy For National Lipstick Day

We’ve got a lipstick for every occasion!

Melissa R. Hibbert

3 Tips To Promote Hair Growth & Get Glowing Skin

Healthy hair and skin is easy to achieve.

Girl with curly hair

This Curl Enhancer Is The Multi-Use Natural Hair Product You Need

Give your curls the boost they need.

Massage Oils

Self-Care With Ease With The Perfect Oils

Use the power of multiuse oils to get your hair and skin right for the summer.

Angela Simmons x Grind Pretty

Grind Pretty Teams Up With Angela Simmons For Limited Edition Summer Box

Believe us, you’re going to want everything in this box!