Contrib: Nakisha Milton

Nina Kimiko

Hair Props: Nina Kimiko’s Grey-Streaked Box Braids

This week, we’re giving #HairProps to Hype Hair reader Nina Kimiko and her cute box braids with grey streaks.

Bianca Lashawn

Hair Props: Bianca Lashawn’s Colorful Locs

This week, we’re crowning Hype Hair reader Bianca Lashawn with #HairProps for her gorgeous DIY faux yarn locs.

Elumba Ebenja

Hair Props: Elumba Ebenja Is Dipping in Finger Waves

Don’t call it a comeback, finger waves have been here for years. But, it is not too often that we see our readers rocking…

Jasmine Pettis

Hair Props: Jasmine Pettis’ DIY Crochet Braids

This week, we are saying ‘bravo’ to Jasmine Pettis who created a quick and easy protective style that is sure to turn heads.