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Trend Alert: Faux Freckles Are Here To Stay

When I was about thirteen, I had one single mole on my face. I liked my mole. I felt like it gave…

Naturally Smitten

Are Silicones Harmful To Your Hair?

Naturally Smitten’s Tasha Branham shares her take on whether silicones are good – or bad- for your hair.

Purple natural hair dyed with Manic Panic Purple Haze.

7 Things I Learned After I Colored My Natural Hair

Naturally Smitten blogger Tasha Branham shares 7 things she wish she knew before coloring her hair.

Cold Weather Tips For Natural Hair

is the season for cold and brisk weather! Here are a few helpful tips to pamper your natural hair for the fall/winter…

5 Signs That You’ve Been Wearing A Puff For Too Long

My favorite style ever is the puff. If at all possible, I would wear it everyday. Of my life. At the same…

5-Minute Updo Tutorial

Here’s what you need for this updo tutorial: 1. Stretched hair 2. Moisturizer for your edges and nape 3. Bobby pins 4….


Velaterapia: The Hot New Brazilian Hair Treatment

Velaterapia! Have you heard of it? No? Well, its the next greatest hair treatment among Brazilian women. You may be familiar with…

Tangled Hair

5 Ways To Minimize Tangles

I think that the biggest complaint that I hear among other naturals has to do with tangles. But honestly, what can we…

The Denman Brush Vs. The Wide Tooth Comb: Which Detangles Better?

With the many varieties of curl patterns and textures of natural hair, it can be tough to find what exactly works best…

Type 4 Hair

8 Things Women With Type 4 Hair Must Never Do

All textures are not meant to be treated equal. What I mean by this is….you can’t do the same things to a…