Contrib: Candace Smith

The Glamatory Element of Glam Palette

The Glamatory Releases New Eyeshadow Palette After Receiving Support From Major Influencers

Women working together to support other women – that’s what we love to see!

Megan Thee Stallion

Revlon Announces Megan Thee Stallion As New Brand Ambassador

Our Hot Girl Summer just got hotter, thanks to Revlon.

Forvr Mood Collection

Jackie Aina’s New Home & Beauty Brand Is Exactly What We Need Right Now

This entire collection is a mood, honey!

Mayvenn Stylist Alyson McKnight

Mayvenn’s #SaveTheSalon Campaign Delivers $1.25 Million in COVID-19 Relief

This initiative delivers direct relief to the beauty professionals who need it most.


Brandy Is On The ‘Borderline’ In Twisted Plaits For New Single

It’s definitely a new look for the songbird.

Fenty Beauty

Fenty Skincare is Here!

And it’s already selling out!

Beyonce Black is King

8 Must-See Hair & Beauty Moments From BeyoncĂ©’s ‘Black is King’

Sis, we’re still looking for our edges after watching this visual album!

Hand Sanitizer Bottles

5 Hand Sanitizers That Fight Germs and Dry Skin

Because ashiness is never an option.

Four lipsticks lined side by side

7 Black-Owned Lipsticks To Buy For National Lipstick Day

We’ve got a lipstick for every occasion!

Cardi B

#ManeMoves Cardi B Slays With Monogrammed Bundles

This may be one of our favorite looks yet!