Beauty Blogger Alissa Ashley Breaks The Internet With $550 Box Braids

Photo Credit: Instagram/@alissaashley

Social media is in a frenzy after beauty blogger Alissa Ashley debuted her protective style slay. In her latest hair vlog, she shared that her box braids cost $550 to install — and fans went nuts.

In a recent tweet, one fan shared their disapproval saying, “Alissa Ashley is spending $550 on braids 5 bills on braids, single plait is Giuseppe money. God of heaven MAKE IT MAKE SENSE.”

Hitting the fan with a classy clapback, Alissa shared that she actually spent more than $550 on her fresh set of braids.

Installed by celebrity hair guru Dr. Kari Williams, she used almost six packs of hair to complete the look in nine hours.

Honestly, we completely understand why Alissa didn’t mind spending her good coin. An improper install can wreak havoc on your hairline and it’s better to pay a seasoned professional for top quality than pennies for an amateur.

Would you spend $550 on a box braid install? Sound off below!

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