Skai Jackson Talks Celebrating Black Beauty, Protective Styles, Plus Her Go-To Brow Gel

Skai Jackson is well on her way to transitioning from child star to Hollywood heavyweight. Since stepping on the scene as a child model, the 16-year-old beauty has become wildly known for her roles in Jessie and Bunk’d.

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The young actress has also become known for her killer fashion slay and must-have hair moments. So naturally, we jumped at the opportunity to chat it up with her backstage at the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women Red Dress Collection fashion week presentation.

Read on as she talks celebrating Black beauty, her go-to looks, heart health and so much more.

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HH: As a young Black woman, how would you define beauty?
SJ: I define beauty as everything: your personality, not only your looks, how you are on the inside, how you interact with people­– that’s how I define beauty. People really think that beauty is only about your looks, but for me, it’s not like that. Beauty is you as a person overall. I feel that everyone is beautiful in their own way.

HH: How would you like to see Black beauty celebrated?
SJ: I would like to see Black beauty celebrated in films behind the camera in production. It’s always in roles — there is that one Black girl with many White people. There’s nothing wrong with that or being White, but I feel that people need to celebrate us more. I mean, there’s not enough people doing it right now and hopefuly in the next couple of years there will be a change. Hopefully, I can do something to change that. 

There should be more of us on magazine covers, and models, everything! I feel that we are getting a little better, but we’re not doing enough that we possibly can.

HH: When did you first fall in love with your natural hair?
SJ: I fell in love with my hair at a really young age. I started modeling when I was nine months old and then that’s how everyone knew me as the little girl with the big curly hair. So, I’ve always loved my hair. I will admit, there have been times when I didn’t know how to do my hair or it would take me an hour just to put it into a ponytail and I would say that “I wish my hair was straight or relaxed.” My mom would tell me, “No, you don’t want to go that route.” So, from a young age my mom always made sure that I embraced my hair.

HH: What are some of your favorite protective style looks?
SJ: I love to throw my hair in a bun or I’ll do twist outs and keep my hair twisted for a week without touching it. I don’t really do this often, but from time to time I will braid my hair down and maybe put on a wig. I always make sure to take it off and avoid frontal styles because I stay far away from glue. I’ve tried the style once and I told myself, “Never again!”

I make sure that my hair is not always out and I keep it moisturized. That’s the key for growth! I love box braids. I’ve had them in for six months, so it’s grown a lot. I’ll probably take them out in April.

HH: What are your favorite red lippies?
SJ: One of my favorites, I’m sad they don’t sell it anymore, Rihanna’s Ruby Woo was my go-to. I love any matte red lipstick and the Sephora #1 is great on every skin tone. Those are definitely my top 2.

HH: What products do you use for your eyebrows?
SJ: Usually on a day-to-day basis I use Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel and if I want to fill them in I use either the Brow Definer or the Tinted Brow Gel. I don’t really use the pomade. I just like to keep my eyebrows natural, but if I’m doing events like this I’ll fill them in.

HH: With heart disease being one of the leading causes of death in the country, how do you influence your loved ones to live a healthy lifestyle?
SJ: Now, they are putting all types of chemicals into foods so I always try to tell my family and friends to try and eat organic. I tell them to make sure to get check-ups at the doctor, drink plenty of water, try to adopt a regular exercise regimen, and most importantly try to make sure that you pay attention to what you’re putting your body.

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