Sherri Shepherd On Wigs, Falling In Love With Her Natural Hair & Her Favorite Red Lip

Sherri Shepherd
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Sherri Shepherd strutted her stuff in the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women Red Dress Collection fashion show last week. The comedian/actress sported flowing side-swept waves and red lippie to complement her red gown in support of the event.

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After being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and losing her mother to the same disease, she said it was important for the star to take back control of her health. Since then, she’s lost 40 pounds and continues to inspire us all to live a healthier lifestyle. We caught up with the beauty backstage to chat it up about her stance on heart health, her love of natural hair and much more.

— Tatayana Yomary

Sherri Shepherd
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Hype Hair: What did walking in the AHA Red Dress Collection Fashion Show mean to you?
Sherri Shepherd: Knowing that this is the number one killer in the African American community, we have to do something. If you’re a diabetic– diabetes runs in my family– this really is a killer. So for me, I want to encourage women, especially women in the African American community because we do everything for everybody and we always put ourselves last. So, I want women to stop and think about the health of their hearts because our children are depending on us.

HH: What do you think we can do to keep the conversation going?
SS: I think number one, this is such a wonderful time to be a woman. We have to encourage each other. We have to get our girlfriends and say, “Let’s walk together. Let’s exercise together. Let’s cook together.”

They say we are our brother’s keeper, but we’re our sister’s keeper. We have to start encouraging and lifting each other up. It’s a lot of women out there and we’re tired. We have kids, and we have everything else. So, if you can take a moment and look outside yourself to say, “How can I help my sister?”  That’s what we can do!

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