Hype Chat: Sammie On New Music, Being A Whole Hair Snack & The Hair Oils He Swears By

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HH: What artists would you like to collaborate with in the future?Sammie: There are a plethora of artists I respect and admire. Ella Mai is an awesome talent. H.E.R., 6lack and Tory Lanez are amazing. Daniel Ceaser is phenomenal. He creates amazing and timeless music. I diversify myself all around. I like the UK band The Script.

HH: The new project comes with a whole new look. What inspired you to ditch your waves and grow your hair out?
Sammie: That happened on accident. Everyone thought it was a plan to change my look. I was in Tokyo about four years ago for about two weeks and I needed a haircut. I just didn’t feel like it was a wise decision to get a haircut in Tokyo, Japan. I didn’t know how it would pan out for me.

HH: I agree. (laughs)
Sammie: (laughs) So, I was like alright. Well, the waves are leaving, and this curly, nappy ‘fro thing is starting to happen and I went to the twists. Then, I tried the ‘Odell Beckham’ look for a minute, but I didn’t know you were supposed to keep your hair at a specific length to maintain that look. Then my hair started to mushroom over. So, I decided to put it into two braids.

Braids were not considered “back” yet, but my following, the ladies on Instagram, were letting me know that they like my hair and they like the beard. It wasn’t a plan though. I never thought I would have long hair or a face full of hair. And I listen to my lady following on Instagram and they say that they like it, they call me a snack or a “Zaddy” now. (laughs) I’m cool with being a Zaddy. I’m following the lead of the ladies.

HH: Speaking of social media, we see that you love using coconut oil. What are some of your favorite hair products?
Sammie: Coconut oil and prayer (laughs). As I Am is awesome. I started using the brand a year ago. It makes for great texture and keeps your hair soft. I use the curl product when I wear my hair out with the caveman look is what I call it. Those are the two that I kind of go back and forth with. I really use coconut oil on my skin and hair. I just put it on my beard to keep that natural glow as they call it.

HH: Anything else for your beard?
Sammie: Carrot tree oil is pretty awesome. I actually pick my beard every morning. Some people think you don’t have to comb through it, but you have to keep it soft, smooth and sexy. Ladies sometimes grab it even without asking for permission, so you want to make sure it’s nice and smooth. So, definitely carrot tree oil and coconut oil are in good taste. And, to be honest, hair is hair, so you can use the same products on your facial hair and hair on your head.

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