Hype Chat: Sammie On New Music, Being A Whole Hair Snack & The Hair Oils He Swears By

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Multi-platinum R&B singer Sammie has been giving us all the feels since the tender age of 12. With smash hits like “I Like It,” “You Should Be My Girl,” and “I’m Him,” the star has certainly made his mark in the industry. After a brief hiatus, the Florida native is back with a new look and sound.

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The singer has been heating up the airwaves with his new single ‘Times 10’, featuring Lil Baby. And with the release of his fourth studio album, Everlasting, the star is ready to share his undeniable growth and mature sound.

Believe it or not, the singer is also hip to the hair game. With a fresh new look that the ladies can’t stop swooning over, his gorgeous textured mane is flourishing and here to stay. We caught up with the R&B sensation to talk about his sexy new look, his upcoming project and how he maintains his growing beard.

Tatayana Yomary

Hype Hair: Your voice is one of a kind! What inspired you to return to the music game?
Sammie: No matter how much I try to stray away from music, it’s just what my calling is — I was put here to do that. [It] is the one thing I never get tired of doing. I’ve been singing since I was four. At 8 years old, I knew I wanted to pursue it professionally and then I was blessed to do so at 12.

Being able to make people happy and bring them joy through the gift of song is an amazing gift and something that should be cherished. I think it’s a gateway also to shine God’s love and light on the world, but I love music.

HH: What do you love most about the music industry?
Sammie: My crew, my family which we call the camp. I love that something called music brought us all together. When we’re together, it’s not just business, it’s legit a family-oriented atmosphere. We all love each other, we care about each other dearly and I like that just me being given the gift of song [has] brought all these different personalities from various backgrounds together. Music is a universal language. So, I just love how it unifies everybody.

HH: What can your fans expect from this new release?
Sammie:  It’s a very honest album. It’s intrusive in a way, but not because I’m inviting my fans into my life. This is my personal journal with every endeavor I’ve ever had with a woman. Be it good, bad or successful or if I was the demise of a relationship, or suffered a heartbreak. My mentality now moving forward in the realm of love, I’ve just decided to share it. On social media, I try to keep that aspect of my life open.

HH: Yeah we can tell. (laughs)
Sammie: Yeah. (laughs) But on social media, I’m very transparent and honest and in the studio, no pun intended, I turn that on times 10. On this album, it’s just very honest. If you don’t know who Sammie is, you will know once you hear this album.

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