Hype Chat: Yung Joc’s Stylist Shares Inspo Behind His Blue Hair

Yung Joc
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By now, we’ve all seen the memes of “Who Wore It Best” battles between Usher and Yung Joc after they revealed new ‘dos to jumpstart the New Year. Between Usher’s “Rat Pack” conk and Yung Joc’s blue bob, we didn’t know where to take this conversation. (Remember Joc’s original Five Heartbeats ‘do back in 2016?).

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Then Joc hit us with blue twists earlier this week and we knew had to find out what inspired his latest hair transformation. So, we caught up with Deva Pink, the stylist behind his latest color moves.

Deva, who is a stylist at Yung Joc’s Atlanta-based Salon Eshelon, also shared how she created the look in one salon visit and tips for keeping bleached tresses from breaking.

HH: What inspired this new look?
DP: Well, Joc called me […] and he was like ‘have you heard about what they’ve been talking about with Usher — and how he and Usher had the same look… and who wore it better? I want to do something different. I’ve been thinking maybe I should do some color.’

HH: So, he did it to get better hair than Usher? LOL
DP: Joc is an owner of Salon Eshelon, so he wants to promote his salon and he wants to the people that he has at his salon to showcase their work. And, also, he wanted to make a statement to be who you are. Hair doesn’t define you, you know, it’s just an expression of who you are. And, I believe the same thing.

HH: How did you go about creating this color for him?
DP: It was basically a bleach lifting and then we put a toner over it which is the blue that we put over it. I had two different volumes of bleach so you get the two different shades of blue in the hair. It’s like it’s like getting a relaxer, times two, just to get that color vibrant like that.

I did it with foils where the hair is separated in very, very small rectangle-like pieces. He had maybe 30 or 40 foils in his hair.

HH: Wow! Why so many sections?
DP: Because if you do it in big blotches or just put it on the ends, it’s going to take a lot longer for the hair to lift and you may overly damage the hair. When you color hair with foil it separates the hair to color every piece evenly… and to get that hair to really color in that short period of time and get the color that you want.

Yung Joc X Deva Pink
Yung Joc & Deva Pink // Photo Credit: Nichole Askew

HH: Once bleached, how long to color?
DP: [The color] probably sat for about 20 minutes. And then we rinsed it and we blow dried it on low heat to preserves his hair. And then we pressed it and shaped it into that and then I cut it so that it could look like a one-sided bob.

HH: So Joc doesn’t have a relaxer?
No, that’s his natural hair. I’m not sure what he started off with, but I do know when I do his hair, it curls up when you wash it and it presses just like regular [natural hair].

Hype Hair: We remember when Joc first went viral for his permed hairstyle back in 2016. Were you responsible for that look, too?
Deva Pink: No, Sharonda [co-owner of Salon Eshelon] is actually responsible for the first original relaxed look.

HH: What tips did you give him for maintaining the new look?
DP: If you want to keep the color vibrant, you have to wash it with lukewarm to kind of cold water, which helps to preserve the colo and blow dry it on low heat and flat iron it on low to medium heat.

He gets his hair braided, for the most part, so you’re not going to see him wear that [style] every day where he would have to maybe oil it or not put any heat in there to maintain it.

HH: What other advice would you give the rest of us who want to rock color without it falling out?
DP: You’re going to have to apply oil. Oil is the best thing that you can ever put in your hair. It’s like a car — once your car doesn’t have oil, it’s a wrap. You can have gas all you want, but if you ain’t got oil… Water hydrates, oil moisturizes and that helps to keep the scalp not be so dry because if the hair is dry it’s going to break.

HH: What are some of your must-have products?
DP: I’m not really a big product person, because I just feel like you don’t need all lot of [extras]. Just basically, you know a spritz, a shine, an oil. I cannot live without having oil on my station because that has to go on the scalp, that has to go on the hair. I like Nairobi foam — and Got2B spritz. I used that on Joc’s hair. That made his hair stay without moving.

HH: What has been the collaborative process with Joc?
DP: This is somewhat new for me, because Joc, he has a person that braids his hair. He has a person who’s going to do what I did. So, it really depends on the look that he’s going for and who’s able to provide that service. Of course, [at the salon] we all can provide the same services, but I feel like with Joc it’s more so about if this one can braid really well or if she does mainly braids, or if I do mainly color or sew-ins, then he’s going to go to whoever he feels specializes in the look that he’s going for. I feel it’s more so about showcasing the talent that he has working for him in the salon.

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