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Everything You Need To Know About The DevaCurl Transformation

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There’s a reason why many women are hesitant to wear their natural curls— the hardest part is transitioning to healthy curls and then maintaining them.

There are hundreds of products to choose from, dozens of techniques, and a bunch of natural hair terminology which makes it extremely confusing to know where to start. One brand that has served as a natural hair fave for popping curls is DevaCurl and its DevaCut and “rake and shake” styling techniques.

Here, DevaCurl experts break down everything you need to know about Deva transformations—from products to DevaCuts, here’s what you need for healthier curls.

What is a Deva Transformation?

If you find your curls damaged, lifeless, or you’re just overall unhappy with them, it’s time for a transformation.

“Essentially, getting a Deva transformation means quitting shampoo and finding your perfect routine so you can fully learn how to take care of your newly rejuvenated curls,” their team shared with Hype Hair.

A Deva transformation also means completely switching to products that are formulated without sulfates, silicones, and parabens to get the most out of your curls.

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How to get the best possible curls

“By only using good for you ingredients, you’re ensuring your curls will be the best they can possibly be,” says the DevaCurl team.

Keep in mind, perfect curls don’t happen overnight. Start by trimming split ends. It may take one to two months before you see positive results, but be patient! The Deva transformation can be time consuming and frustrating at times, but the end result is always worth it. Trust us!

Getting started

The best place to start is at the salon. Getting a DevaCut when you’re looking to transform your curls is key and can make such a huge difference in the health of your hair. During your consultation, ask your stylist questions to get more information about how to maintain your curls. Stylists will help you find your perfect routine and make sure you choose the best products for your curl type.

Choose products for your hair type

If you’re unable to get to a salon, and are having trouble choosing what Deva products to try out, look no further.

If you have loose curls, look to our Original line to nourish your hair. Cleansing and conditioning with No-Poo Original and One Condition will cleanse your curls and provide the perfect amount of moisture. Next, finish your look by styling with Styling Cream and Light Defining Gel.

If you have super curly hair, with tight coils, the Decadence is the line for you. First, cleanse and condition with No-Poo Decadence and then One Condition Decadence. Then style with SuperCream and Ultra Defining Gel to seal in moisture.

If you’re still having trouble trying to find your perfect routine, DevaCurl experts recommend taking the DevaCurl quiz to find your perfect curl ritual and also find a Deva-certified to help revive and care for your newly revived kinks and curls.