Ciara Is The New Face Of Equinox

Ciara X Equinox

Photo Credit: Equinox/Vogue

With fitness goals on all of our minds for 2019, Ciara is serving up all sorts of inspo as the new face of luxe fitness club Equinox. The Level Up singer stars in the brand’s latest campaign alongside stuntman Chase Armitage. 

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Aptly themed “It’s Not Fitness. It’s Life,” Ciara shows off her signature dance moves and toned legs in the two-minute clip directed by Nick Knight that encourages us to dream bigger and live life like it’s art.

As if that weren’t enough, CiCi also chatted it up with Vogue, dishing out secrets on how she reaches her own body (and health) goals. In addition to the staple advice of diet and consistency, she suggests honing in one specific body goal and making it your personal mission. 

“I have diastasis recti, which is when your stomach muscles split post-pregnancy,” shared the mother of two. “I had it after my first pregnancy, and could feel a difference compared to my abs before I ever had a child. But the second time it was really noticeable because my muscles were actually laying differently. Immediately, I changed my workout to focus on that and the gap between my muscles began to get tighter and tighter. It was a tried-and-true testament to the [benefits of honing in] on a specific area. And at the moment, I’m all about the glutes [laughs].”

She also recommends making health a family affair and penciling in more me time.

“I’ve become a big believer in scheduling time for yourself because I’ve realized that sometimes your daily schedule, especially mine as it pertains to my career and family, can [consume you]. So I try to maximize self-care time by unplugging. If you have your cell phone in your hand during moments that are supposed to be for yourself, there’s going to be a text or email that comes that you have to respond to. It’s never not something, right? So I really try to carve out time for those moments as best I can. And then going to the gym [gives me that] feeling of, I’m working on me, working towards being my best self.”

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