Hype Chat: Jess Hilarious On ‘Rel,’ Going From IG To TV, and Beauty Must-Haves

Jess Hillarious
Photo Credit: Jerrell Franklin

HH: What is your philosophy on beauty?
JH: I am a natural girl. I also believe in doing what you feel is beautiful! There are no rules to beauty.

HH: What are four of your must-have hair products?
JH: I love the Olive Oil brand and, honestly, any hair-store brand that I buy. I use a lot of products, but none specifically.

HH: What are some of your favorite hairstyles to wear?
JH: I love short hair!

HH: What are some of your top hair care tips?
JH: Just to not overdo the heat—and that’s why I wear protective styles — the heat and coloring can be so damaging.

HH: How do you keep your skin looking so great?
JH: I use moisturizer daily, and I absolutely never sleep with makeup on. Ever!

HH: What are some of your best makeup tips?
JH: I love a gloss and eyelashes. I feel like those are the basic things that can honestly make you look like a million bucks.

HH: What are some of your favorite cosmetics?
JH: I love drugstore brands: Maybelline, Cover Girl, L’Oréal! I also absolutely love lip gloss.

HH: How would you define your fashion sense?
JH: My fashion sense is “Just do it!” No matter what, I do what I feel with fashion. I am, honestly, a laid-back dresser, and sometimes I want to be very sexy—but I just do what feels right.

HH: How do you balance your career with the rest of your life?
JH: I just remember what means the most to me…my son, my mom, dad, and my family. I keep in constant communication with them—and they keep me grounded because they see Jess, not Jess Hilarious.

HH: What is the source of your inspiration?
JH: A lot of big comedians who came before me and a lot of actors and actresses.

HH: Can you share some pearls of wisdom with our readers?
JH: I would say just do it, no matter what it is. You never know who is watching!

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