Cardi B Claps Back At Makeup Artist Who Called Her The ‘Worst Client Ever’

Cardi B
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Cardi B has earned a rep for not taking shorts from anyone (remember last month’s NYFW shoe-throwing fiasco?) and the latest to feel her wrath is makeup artist Blacswan.

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Blacswan went viral last week for a video she posted in January (yes, that long ago) about the I Like It Like That rapper. In the video that has since amassed more than five million views, BlacSwan shares her story of meeting and working with Cardi B on two different occasions.

In the 30+ minute video, she talks about doing the rapper’s makeup in September and December 2017 and being ignored, not being treated with respect and not getting paid for her services.

On her second job, Blacswan said Cardi was hypercritical during the “baking” process, complaining that the makeup was too white.

After which, the makeup artist said Cardi said, “B*tch, I’m not dead yet! I’m not Caucasian” and told her to “get the f*ck out of here” before she could finish the look.

Well, Cardi clapped back last weekend via a live Instagram video, saying “Shorty was unprofessional.”

The rapper went on to say Blacswan showed up to the job “mad late” and “mad high” to the job and told her to leave after not liking her makeup.

“In the middle of the process I tell you, ‘I don’t like how my makeup is looking.’ ‘I’m not finished yet.’ ‘Aight, whatever, you’re the makeup artist. You’re acting like you know what you’re doing.’… How are you crying over something that happened two years ago? They’re clout chasing.”

“No, I’m not apologizing!” she said “Shorty was unprofessional.”

Cardi also offered BlacSwan some career advice for the future if she plans to continue being a celebrity makeup artist:

BlacSwan responded that she was not late or high.

Cardi B going on “IG Live saying I was late, high, loud and brought ppl with me is absolutely a bold-faced lie.”

Press play below to watch Blacswan’s video and Cardi B’s response.

Watch Blacswan’s original video:

Watch Cardi B’s clapback: