How This Former Financial Analyst Became A Natural Hair Mixtress

Tracy Golbourne
Photo Credit: Collette Bonaparte-Ashman

Some people are born with an entrepreneurial spirit, while others find circumstances force them into the driver seat of a budding enterprise.

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For former NYC financial analyst Tracy Golbourne, her inspiration came from driving for hours just to find the right products and beauticians for her natural hair. After these drives left her with less hair and less coins in her pocket, she had to make a decision: accept her damaged hair, or pull up her sleeves and create a product to reverse it.

She chose the latter and created Fortify’d Naturals — a certified vegan and nontoxic natural hair brand.

“After a few months, my hair was completely broken off and my scalp was inflamed and peeling,” she said. “After being tired of crying about it, I decided one day that I was going to learn more about the ingredients in the products I was using and was shocked to find that most of them were toxic chemicals and could lead to such ailments as nerve damage, retina deterioration, cell damage, cancer and more.”

To her surprise, the solution to her and many of naturalista’s dry hair could could only be solved on a molecular level.

“Most of the ingredient in some of the products being used have no ability (on a molecular level) to penetrate the hair strand. What’s happening is that the product is softening the outer layer of the strand which results in having dry hair within days,” she explained.

“These ingredients are also adhering to the outer layer of the strand keeping any ingredients from adequately penetrating the strand. One would need to remove the film from the strand in order to actually achieve hydration, using a product with ingredients that can penetrate the strand.”

Armed with a nursing, cosmetology background and grit, she formulated her own “hydration technology,” a term she created to describe Fortify’d’s hydrating formulation using natural ingredients with molecules small enough to penetrate the inner structure of hair.

She launched the brand with a moisture-rich lineup, including a sage-infused shampoo, and baobab protein enriched conditioner along with a leave-in, hair potion and deep conditioner.

Fority'd Naturals

Her business now stands as a hub for women of all backgrounds and she is determined to use her brand to provide healthy hair education while helping these women explore their own self empowerment.

Tracy attributes her thriving business to more than just her wide range in products and services, but also her background working in finance — and willingness to take risks.

“My past has definitely taught me how to be tough and have very thick skin. Things that may break others don’t necessarily move me because of the things I’ve seen and gone through. I believe that this plays a large role in my success,” she said.

“I never actually graduated. I actually became an analyst at MTV without even having a GED.  I’ve actually held numerous position in finance, accounting and human resources at different companies, such as, JP Morgan Chase, Anne Fontaine, Strike Holdings, etc; without a degree.”

 “I believed that I was great. You’ll be surprised at how far simply believing something can take you.”

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