Hype Chat: ‘Luke Cage’ Star Antonique Smith Shares Beauty Must-Haves & Real Life Hair Struggles

Antonique Smith
Photo Credit: Steven Ferdman/FilmMagic

New Jersey-born, Grammy-nominated Antonique Smith is making screen moves as one of the newest additions to the hit Netflix series Luke Cage. Before hitting the big screen, we first saw her in the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical Rent, where she portrayed lead character Mimi Marquez and give an critically acclaimed turn as Faith Evans in the film Notorious.

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Antonique has since gone on to appear in numerous projects showcasing her amazing range as an actress and singer. Her as list of credits include such award-winning films as Yelling To The Sky, opposite Zoë Kravitz and Gabourey Sidibe, and Across The Universe

Hype Hair recently caught up with the talented beauty (who has a penchant for dazzling in all -white ensembles) to talk about her latest project, what keeps her inspired and how she keeps her hair and beauty game on point!

Hype Hair: You play Misty Knight’s rival Detective Nandi Tyler in season two of Luke Cage.  What was that like?
I had so much fun playing Nandi! First of all, she’s badass. I love playing strong, layered characters. And I get to throw shade at Misty, with some very memorable one- liners! [Laughs.]

HH: What is like being a part of the Marvel franchise?
AS: Oh my God! It’s amazing. I’ve been a super Marvel fan, so to be a part of the family now is unbelievable. I’m very excited about it. Marvel is the best. The way they were able to take pretty unknown superheroes and turn them into billion-dollar franchises is so dope. And don’t even get me started about Black Panther! That masterpiece brought so much pride! To see us depicted as the kings, queens and superheroes that we are brought tears to my eyes. The quality and consistency of Marvel’s work is unparalleled.

HH: What is your day-to-day haircare routine?
AS: Yikes! It’s rough. I end up mostly wearing it in a bun on the top of my head. I grew up getting relaxers my whole life till about four years ago.
I find my hair care to be way more difficult now, but I love my natural hair.

My main look isn’t the curly look though, so I wish there was a way to keep it straight more easily and for a longer time without harsh chemicals. It takes a lot of time to blow it out, flat-iron it and hot-curl it, only to have it super poofy and all over the place a few hours later. Super frustrating. And I work out every day, so it’s impossible to keep it straight like I need to. And it’s damaging to my hair. So my routine ends up being me brushing it up into a bun. But that can’t stay being my routine. I’m actively looking for a solution.

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