How To Do A Heatless Stretch Using African Threading

african threading
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African threading is a great way to stretch naturally textured hair without using heat. While the ancient sub Saharan hair technique has been used to create to unique protective styles, it also helps beat shrinkage, lengthen kinky, coily tresses.

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Readers often ask how to do the process at home without getting their strands all tangled up. The key, we’ve found, is to use the proper kind of thread. Do not use regular sewing thread as it is prone to damaging hair.

Look for nylon weaving thread or spools made specifically for threading. You can also use yarn, but not that it can be more drying and will require you to add more moisture to your tresses. also, don’t knot the string at the ends of your hair — otherwise you’ll end up having to cut your hair to get the knots out (!).

Press play below for a few good videos to get started.

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