Hype Chat: Erinn Westbrook Shares How She Prepped For ‘Insatiable’ & Top Beauty Must-Haves

Erinn Westbook x Milly By Michelle Smith
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Erinn Westbrook is a star on the rise. The former Harvard student is now a thriving actress, singer and model, as well as on-air personality and writer.

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She’s snagged recurring roles on Fox’s Glee, where she starred as Bree, the captain of the Cheerios, and MTV’s Awkward, as tennis star and overachiever Gabby Richards. Other credits include roles on NBC’s Constantine, ABC Family’s Stitchers and top CBS drama NCIS. She recently had a recurring role on The CW’s Jane the Virgin.

We connected with Erinn to get all the deets on her newest role on the Netflix series Insatiable, along with her top hair and beauty moves. Read on to learn more.

Erinn Westbrook
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Hype Hair: Can you tell us a little about the show, Insatiable, and the role you play on the series?
Erinn Westbrook:
Insatiable is a dark, twisted, revenge comedy. The show centers on a teenage girl, Patty Bladell (played by Debby Ryan), who sets out to get revenge on every person who bullied her when she was overweight. The backdrop for the show is the Southern beauty pageant world. Cue big hair and big drama!

I play Magnolia Barnard. She is Patty’s main competition in the pageant world, and in life. She is the epitome of the perfect pageant princess. From the clothes she wears to the family she comes from, it really seems like she has it all. But, as we come to find out, things aren’t always as perfect as they seem.

HH: You’ve had the opportunity to play a wide variety of roles so far in your career. What do you think is the key to your versatility as an actress?
I love to research in order to get into the headspace of each character I take on. Each process is distinct and specific to the role I’m playing at the time. The process could include reading certain books or watching films, traveling to particular sites or immersing myself in relevant environments. It really depends. I just think about what might be most helpful for me when preparing for a specific part, and I roll up my sleeves and do that.

HH: How did you prepare for Insatiable?
To prepare for this show and this role, I wanted to learn more about the pageant world. I ordered a bunch of books about pageants, worked with a phenomenal pageant coach, Bill Alverson, and attended the Miss Teen America beauty pageant.

A few of us also got to spend time with the contestants at a slumber party a couple days before the big event. It was so interesting and helpful to hear from real teen-pageant queens.

HH: With your roles, you’re spending lots more time on the red carpet. What are some of your favorite hairstyles?
EW: Some of my favorite daytime looks include a slick bun, a top knot, defined curls or a smooth blowout. I recently got my hair braided, and I loved it—so I think I’ll be throwing more braided styles into the mix, too.

For red carpet looks, it really depends on what I’m wearing. But, I normally smooth it out and spiral-curl it so that it falls into nice waves over the course of the night.

HH: What celebs’ hairstyles do you admire most?
EW: Queen Bey (of course), Kerry Washington and, most recently, Tessa Thompson. These women are constantly switching it up, and they kill it every time.

HH: What is your day-to-day hair-care routine?
EW: Day to day, I really try to do as little with my hair as possible. When I’m not filming, I tend to wear my natural curls. I do a lot of deep-conditioning and wear protective styles. A slicked-back bun is my go-to. It’s easy and looks super clean and classic.

HH: Favorite haircare tips?
EW: Condition as often as possible; use sulfate-free products; and find a good detangler. Also, wear scrunchies— they don’t break your hair when pulling them off—and try hair steaming! It will help with product absorption and give your hair a nice shine.

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