Are You Here For Man Bun Extensions?

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Men have been stepping up and out more and more over the past few years when it comes to grooming. While we’ve been down with the resurfaced beard movement, oils and other haircare practices, we’ve seen some other trends that are, well…

Case in point: man bun extensions. Yes, man buns have been a thing for quite some time and we have definitely appreciated the look on some of our fave man crushes. But, we weren’t ready for man bun extensions to become a thing back then — and we still aren’t ready now.

A new Facebook video, however, has been making its way across social media over the past months hawking what are essentially drawstring ponytails to those who may have felt left out of the man bun craze.

“Enjoy the new locks you deserve,” touts the video, as a guy covers his struggle ponytail with a “clip-on man bun” to gain confidence.

I remember when ASOS tried its hand at selling these, but I just wasn’t ready for this. To be fair, I’m not a fan of drawstring ponytails, in general, but this?

They didn’t even put them in right. No pins, no clips. Just a twist and wrap around a loose ponytail. What happens when their significant others touch their hair and it falls off? Oh, the horror!

I think I might be madder at this than lace front fades (at least they are glued down). I can’t be the only one confused by this? Press play and sound off below.
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