Hype Chat: Four Star Tresses CEO Talks Journey To Self-Empowerment, Hair Tips & More

Four Star Tresses

HH: With so many hair companies in the market how do you set your company apart?
TD: The market is saturated and getting your brand in front of the right clientele is difficult, but not impossible. One of the first things that I did was to hire a publicist. My publicist, Eboyne Jackson, of Divine influence PR, has been instrumental in getting my brand in front of the masses. I also hired brand ambassadors and a social media manager to keep my brand message and image congruent across all platforms.

HH: What are some of your favorite styles for the summer? 
TD: While I prefer longer hairstyles, my go-to hairstyle for the summer is a short bob. I rotate between an asymmetrical messy bob, a traditional center part bob and an afro kinky wig.

HH: Are you #TeamFrontals or #TeamClosures?
TD: I am #team Frontal because they are bonded and it gives a natural hairline.  I have always had thin edges, so the frontal gives me a sleeker and more natural look.

HH: What are some tips you would share with first-time customers?
TD: I definitely encourage first-time customers to sign up for our email list.  This will keep them informed of all our upcoming promotions and special announcements. Four Star tresses is active on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Following us will give customers a visual platform to view our products.

HH: What are your tried and true products for protecting your extensions?
TD: I tend wear curly textures, so coconut water, mousse, OUAI Curl jelly and Cantu Dry Co-wash are my go-to products.

HH: What is your plan for Four Star Tresses in the next three to five years?
TD: My ultimate goal is to launch my own drop-shipping business, where I can be the supplier for multiple businesses.

HHL What advice would you give to women looking to break into the hair business?
TD: Anyone looking to break into the industry must have a website. I also advise that they have active social media accounts and to start a blog related to their brand.  There are many companies that offer drop-shipping as an option to starting their own line. However, they must have a substantial marketing budget. It is essential for the success of their brand.  I am actually launching an e-book in that is a resource for anyone that has an interest in launching their own beauty or wholesale brand. They will be able to purchase the book on my site in September.

HH: What is the number one thing you want our readers to take away from your brand?
TD: The one thing that I want readers to take away from my brand is that Four Star Tresses offers high-quality hair extensions at a  price that anyone can afford. I supply many hair stylists in my area and they swear by the quality of my brand.

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