Hype Chat: Four Star Tresses CEO Talks Journey To Self-Empowerment, Hair Tips & More

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It’s no secret that looking good can often help make you feel better and boost your confidence. Beauty mogul Tamika Douglas discovered that while going through some trying times and turned her pain into a money maker with her online hair boutique, Four Star Tresses.

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Starting out as a devout talent manager to her teen son, she decided make her own dreams come true after her divorce and has been on the rise ever since. The lifestyle brand is all about empowering and celebrating women who want to look and feel fabulous — without breaking the bank. Its offerings include everything from closures and frontals to lashes and edge control pomades.

We got the chance to catch up with the beauty about her rise in entrepreneurship, hair tips, favorite styles and so much more.

Hype Hair: How has your life changed going from stage mom to beauty mogul?
Tamika Douglas: Going from stage mom to beauty mogul has been a huge transition.  While both roles require a lot of sacrifices, discipline and consistency, my day to day activity is a lot less hectic (lol).  My son, Douglas Baldeo, has a very successful career. At times he had several auditions daily along with privates in dance, vocal instruction, and acting, and then work at night.  The sacrifice was well worth it but left little time for me to focus on my own career goals. Starting my own beauty line has done loads for my self-esteem. While I have no regrets about my years as a stage mom, it’s extremely gratifying that I have entered a world that is completely saturated and I am making my own mark.  I have taken the necessary steps to gain notoriety as an up and coming business.

HH: What was the inspiration behind Four Star Tresses?
TD: Last year, I went through a stage of depression following the separation from my husband. I neglected my appearance, which drove me to a darker place each time I looked in the mirror. My son encouraged to snap out of it and go get my hair and makeup done. I wasn’t feeling up to it, but I called my friend and she did an install for me. She then referred me to a makeup artist who did a full glam makeover.

I loved the reflection I saw in the mirror and made the decision that I was going to put my best foot forward every day. I spent a lot of money on extensions but never thought of capitalizing on it. After seeing a webinar on selling extensions I decided to take the plunge and start my own line.

HH: Was it difficult to get started?
Finding the right vendor was not difficult.  My vendor is someone who I purchased hair from for years, and the quality is exceptional. Having a business that requires me to put myself together on a daily basis has been therapeutic.

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