[Close-Up] Tracee Ellis Ross Serves Fall Fashion Slay For ‘ELLE Canada’ September 2018

Tracee Ellis Ross X ELLE Canada

Photo Credit: Nino Muñoz

Tracee Ellis Ross will always be one of our favorite sister girls-slash-aunties. The beauty is not only fashionable af and all about embracing her inner beauty and natural curls, she’s down to earth, outspoken, not afraid to poke of her self and as real as they come. So, of course, we expected nothing less than her stunning new cover spread for ELLE Canada‘s September issue.  

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She serves a cheeky orange smile, fresh faced beat and brushed eyebrows for her glowing cover look. Inside she poses it up in a series of must-try fall fashion trends, including mixed florals, prints and textures for the spread styled by Elaine Jyll Regio. We can thank celeb stylist Larry Sims for her crush-worthy curls and face beat by Lisa Storey.

Inside, she talks everything from her love of fashion and where she draws her inspiration to self-care and setting boundaries. 

Tracee Ellis Ross X ELLE Canada

Photo Credit: Nino Muñoz

On loving the skin she’s in:

Yes! That’s my feeling about Instagram. I don’t want to feel like I’m a hostage to an Instagram version of myself. My belief is that all these lines on my face and neck and the softness in my legs and my body are evidence of a life lived.

On her personal style:

I genuinely lean toward what makes my heart sing. It changes every day. Sometimes I’m one person; sometimes I’m another. But I know—I know when a script is for me, when an outfit is for me. When I get dressed, sometimes I say ‘That’s it! Okay, that’s right!’ out loud.

On the power of fashion:

In hindsight, I now know that I [grew up watching my mom] in her full power and glory, who utilized her agency. And that’s what clothing, style and fashion represented to me—a uniform for greatness. Your clothing can change your narrative and reframe circumstances, and it can be a visual marker for a larger conversation. That is why it has that meaning in my life.

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