This Track & Field Star Turned Her Passion For Hair Into A Blooming Beauty Biz

Mackenzie Hill

Hype Hair: Are you #TeamSewIns or #TeamWigs? 
MacKenzie Hill: I like tweeners because they allows me to have a secure style, yet gives me the ability to quickly change or freshen up my look. As long as I’m rocking LumiBloom, I’m in good shape.

HH: What are some of your favorite hair trends right now?
MH: I’m a big fan of color and curls!!!

HH: Do you have any tips for purchasing human hair?
MH: Make sure that the hair is suitable for your styling needs. For example, If you are looking for volume, you need double weft track. Consider a natural brown or natural blonde if you plan to add color to the hair. Be sure to invest in quality hair care products to maintain a supple appearance — especially a good serum and conditioner.

HH: What are your goals for LumiBloom in the next 3-5 years?
MH: Build a lifestyle brand that represents more than just the financial success of the company, but also one that inspires and elevates by appealing to the beauty and strength of each and every one of us.

HH: What advice would you give to upcoming beauty bosses?
MH: Be patient, be resilient, and don’t be afraid to pivot. Your first idea or plan may not play out exactly how you expect. That’s OK… Learn and shift, create a new plan and BOSS UP! And remember, believing in yourself is beautiful.

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