Hype Chat: ‘Real Housewives’ Star Gizelle Bryant Talks Makeup Collection, Reality TV And Hair Must-Haves

Gizelle Bryant

Reality tv star Gizelle Bryant is the epitome of beauty and brains. Not only is the Hampton University alum making power moves on Real Housewives of Potomac, she’s also making huge strides in the beauty industry as co-founder of EveryHue Beauty. 

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Gizelle partnered with three beauty and business pros to develop the brand, Karlene Damallie, Erika Liles and Sophia Rabkin. The four spent nearly two years developing the collection, which debuted last year. Now, it’s lining the shelves of Target and gaining national buzz. We caught up with the Bravo TV sensation to get the scoop on her new brand and talk all things beauty, business and Real Housewives.

Hype Hair: What inspired you to start your own cosmetics collection?
Gizelle Bryant: I have always been a girly girl who loves to sit in the mirror and play with makeup. As a child, I used to be all over my mother’s makeup. I’ve had a hard time finding shades and colors that truly match my skin, and I wanted to correct that concern in the beauty industry. I wanted to give women of color more options.

HH: What are some of those options?
GB: Currently, the line consists of our tinted moisturizer, which is our hero product, three setting powders, three concealers and correctors, two glow trios [blush, highlighter, bronzer] and an all-day setting spray.

HH: Your products are now sold in Target stores across the country. How did you form that partnership?
GB: Currently, the entire HueNation line of EveryHue Beauty is being sold at Target. Germaine Leftridge [of the Ubiquitous Women’s Expo] spoke to Target [execs] on our behalf, and they were immediately extremely interested in our brand. The beauty landscape is changing. Target realizes who walks through the doors and wants to be able to serve the multicultural community in the best possible way. Target is committed to being able to offer a true assortment of beauty products for women of color.


HH: What products from your collection do you use when you want to create a natural, day-to-day look?
GB: I use the Tinted Moisturizer [Honey] for my natural day-to-day look. I set it with our Set Me Powder [Amber], and I finish it off with the All Day Stay.

HH: And for a glam night out?
GB: When I want to be a glam girl, I start by using the EveryHue Concealer Corrector [Ginger], which helps with blemishes. Then I go to my Tinted Moisturizer, which is buildable, giving me that polished, glam look. The Glow & Go pressed Powder [Buttercup] is everything. I start with the blush and then bronzer, finishing off with the most gorgeous highlighter.

HH: We connected with you last year at the Ubiquitous event. How does promoting your line at incredible shows like this strengthen your brand?
GB: I absolutely love the Ubiquitous show and shows across the country like it. Ubiquitous allows me to be able to have up close and personal conversations with my community. I love hearing beauty questions, comments and feedback from all the ladies. The up close and personal conversations is the feedback I need that really help EveryHue grow. The ladies are touching and feeling the products and telling their friends. I know social media has taken over—however, I’m old-school, and word of mouth is everything.

HH: What advice would you share with other women who aspire to be in the beauty space?
GB: The beauty industry is so saturated. So if you’re coming in new to the industry, you really have to provide an added value. Something has to be different from what we’ve already seen—and that’s not just in the beauty space. Any industry that you want to jump into, you really need to think about being different, innovative and special. Set yourself apart from the pack.


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