Stylist Spotlight: Celeb Loctician M. London

Hair by M. London

Hair by M. London // Photo Credit: Instagram/@Locmamas

HH: What one thing do you wish all of your clients knew or did before sitting in your chair?
ML: Be honest. We don’t judge, but there are things I need to know so that I can nurture your hair. Diet, medications, all of these things are going to have an impact.

HH: Most common piece of advice you give your clients?
ML: Drink more water and take your vitamins. Your body is a system. The best way to have healthy hair is to nurture your entire body.

HH: What are some hair trends you’re most looking forward to?
ML: Tribal and afro-futurism. I love how we are blending the future with the past.

Locmamas X M. London

Hair by M. London // Photo Credit: Instagram/@Locmamas

HH: What one hair trend do you wish would go away?
ML: Rainbow colors on locs. With all of the bleach and artificial coloring, it’s so damaging.

HH: What hair product(s) can’t you live without and why?
ML: My Locmamas refresher, which provides hydration, soothes irritation, neutralizes odor and gently cleanses.

HH: Who do you consider to be your hairspiration? 
ML: I find inspiration everywhere, so I don’t exactly have a hairspiration. I love photos from the ’70s and from the African diaspora. Right now, I think Solange is killing it. She’s so fearless in her creativity.

HH: How do you define beauty?
ML: Health is beautiful. Clear skin and healthy hair and scalp are beautiful to me.

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