Hype Chat: Navia Robinson On Style & Staying Confident

Navia Robinson

Photo Credit: Rowan Daly

Navia Robinson is a positive light in the acting world. She is a young lady we can all be proud of, and we at Hype Hair like to celebrate and encourage young people. You may remember Navia’s role as Gabrielle Union‘s niece D’Asia in BET Network’s Being Mary Jane. Navia now has lead roles in the Emmy-winning Netflix series Free Rein as Rosie, and Disney channel’s Raven’s Home starring as Raven Symone’s daughter Nia.

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Here, we chat with 13-year-old about her rising success, the and purse must-haves.

Hype Hair: Congratulations on the success of Raven’s Home and Free Rein! Tell us about your experience so far on the shows.
Navia Robinson: It has been such an amazing learning experience and an incredible opportunity to be able to watch myself grow as an actor. On Raven’s Home, I learned so much on a daily basis, from both Raven and Anneliese — their insight and expertise has been invaluable. I’m so fortunate to be able to work with them every day.

As far as Free Rein, that has also provided me so much value and experience. Being able to learn and thrive in a different culture has been the experience of a lifetime.

HH: You have such healthy hair, what does your haircare routine look like? 
NR: Macadamia oil is really good for the growth of the hair—it provides moisture and protects against damage. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase helps prevent tangles in your hair and keeps it looking silkier and shinier than using a cotton pillowcase. And I put my hair up in a bun when I sleep to make sure it stays nice and untangled.

HH: What are some of your favorite go-to hairstyles?
NR: I love wearing my hair down, but I also love a half up, half down style because you get a little bit of both. I feel like it really spices up whatever outfit you’re wearing. For casual days, I love wearing snapbacks and beanies.

HH: Is your hair natural or relaxed?
NR: Natural. I am very fortunate to be able to wear my hair both natural and curly without any chemicals.

HH: Do you have any haircare tips you can share with us?
NR: Use a paddle brush instead of a comb to brush out tangled hair. Combs can be helpful for other things, like creating a clean part, but paddle brushes are ideal for getting rid of stubborn tangles and avoiding damaging your ends.

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