Celeb Stylist Tamika Gibson Talks The Art (And Business) Of Making Wigs

Tamika Gibson

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Celeb stylist Tamika Gibson has been snatching wigs for more than 20 years as a master stylist and cosmetologist, as well as trained with MIZANI where she serves as one of their esteemed educators. She is also the founder of The Hair Diagram – an online educational platform and wig shop – and has become renown for her award-winning wig-making technique using a sewing machine. Her work has been seen on such celebs as Faith Evans, Keke Wyatt, Meelah Williams, and actress and rapper Lil Mama.

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We recently caught up with the beauty boss to talk about her business and the key to snatching wigs.

Hype Hair: How did you get started making wigs?
Tamika Gibson: I’ve always been very good at duplication and re-creation as well as innovating [and] using my own ideas with hair. I’m originally from the Hair Capital, Michigan (we will not let that title go!), so wig making started there for me. Everyone was doing quick-weaves, glued wigs—but I really didn’t like putting glue on my expensive extensions. I’m super tender-headed, and so are a lot of clients. I could not wear a sew-in for two weeks. Since I already knew how to use a sewing machine, I made my own wig pattern, called the 45 Minute Sew-In.

HH: Tell us about that.
TG: This trademarked technique was created with my own special track application. Now, I wasn’t the first to do it. Our brothers and sisters out East did. But, with the 45 Minute Sew-In, I show the students how to customize the fitting to perfection!

HH:What inspires you when you are creating wigs?
TG: I’m always inspired when you can turn nothing into something. It doesn’t matter if it’s easy or complicated, it’s my creation. It’s taking something as simple as hair bundles and turning them into colorful, vibrant, long, short, full masterpieces.

HH: How did you come up with the name The Hair Diagram?
TG: In the early part of my career, I purchased DVDs and took several classes in styling techniques. Sometimes I felt information was left out or, honestly, that the person didn’t know how to deliver the information. Eventually, I trained to be an instructor and worked for an amazing company called L’Oréal. I learned from L’Oréal how to draw out a diagram of information, taking the stylist from A to Z and leaving no information out. And that’s how I came up with the name The Hair Diagram.

HH: Tell us about your educational platform on The Hair Diagram.
TG: I enjoy showing people how to do things that they have never done before. When they get excited, I get excited, too. It’s like I’m teaching it for the first time, every time! This keeps me going. I have been an innovator my entire life—my mind never stops. I’m always thinking of new techniques that I [can] share with students, teaching online or hands-on in the classrooms.

For more information on Tamika and her online tutorials, visit thehairdiagram.com.