Kelly Rowland Uses Lash Glue To Turn Her Pimples Into Beauty Marks

Kelly Rowland

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Pimples. They are the bane of everyone’s existence – yet we all have to deal with them. Some of us, however, deal with them better than others. Tops on that list is singer and beauty boss Kelly Rowland. She recently spilled the beans on her beauty hack for dealing with pimples and we swear our beauty routines will never be the same.

Instead of stressing over or layering makeup on her blemishes, the beauty shared with Elite Daily that she simply turns turns them into moles. Yep, that’s right. She grabs her lash glue and transforms pesky pimples into beauty marks. So, if you’ve ever wondered why her moles seem to move around this is why.

“I cover them [blemishes] up with DUO Glue,” she told the mag.

She advises, however, not to go overboard.

“There was this one time I made them super tiny, and I had, like, little freckles,” she says. “Somebody goes, ‘I didn’t know you had freckles.’ I said, ‘I don’t. I’m having a really bad breakout right now, and I just made them, you know, little freckles.'”

At the end of the day, she said, “You just want to enhance the beauty that’s there.”

Would you try this beauty hack? How do you deal with breakouts? Sound off below1

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