Campaign Uses Power Of Sisterhood To Raise Breast Cancer Awareness Among Black Women

Know Your Girls campaign

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Our sister girls get us through the best and worst times of our lives. We know them like the backs of our hands, sometimes even better than we know ourselves. A new campaign from Susan G. Komen wants us to know a different set of “girls” that have always been with us: our breasts. 

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The breast cancer organization has teamed with the Ad Council to launch their breakthrough “Know Your Girls’ campaign to raise awareness and spark new discussions that could save lives.

Everyone is at risk of getting breast cancer, but the statistics for Black women are staggering. We are 40 percent more likely to die from breast cancer than our white counterparts. In some cities, the disparity is as high as 74%. Black women are also more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer younger, at later stages and with more aggressive forms of the disease, limiting treatment options.

“Know Your Girls” is the first national campaign specifically dedicated to educating and inspiring Black women take charge of their breast health. The campaign has partnered with a host of celebs and personalities to help spread the word, including actress and breast cancer survivor Vanessa Bell Calloway, actress Jessica Williams, comedian Kym Whitley, celeb stylist June Ambrose, E! News co-anchor Zuri Hall and Glamtwinz Kelsey & Kendra Murrell.

The campaign’s kick-off includes empowering visuals of a woman surrounded by her girls — friends and family —  at key moments of her life. In the end, it shows that her “girls” who have been their every step of the way are her breasts — and that she might know them the least.

“The Susan G Komen ‘Know Your Girls’ campaign is not only hip, youthful and timely but it’s essentially very important for all women young and mature,” said Vanessa Bell Calloway, who did the video’s voiceover. “I’m so happy to be a part of this important campaign because as a breast cancer survivor I understand firsthand how important it is to know your girls literally and figuratively. Being in tuned with your girls can save your life. Know Your Girls can also mean know your real-life girlfriends and as a community of women help remind each other about the importance of breast health.”

Know Your Girls will also use TV, radio, print, out-of-home and digital PSAs to raise awareness and drive traffic to its accompanying website which offers resources, many shared from real women, to help navigate breast cancer risk factors, recognize changes in breasts, and prepare to have a conversation with a doctor.

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