Wendy Williams’ Art Director Shows How To Recreate Cardi B’s Floral Jacket

Cardi B

Photo Credit: Instagram

Last week, Cardi B basically stepped out in NYC dressed up like a whole bouquet of flowers. The 3-D floral dress came straight off the runway from designer Moschino’s spring/summer 2018 collection and everybody wanted in on the slay, including Wendy Williams.

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Most of us aren’t trying to drop that much coinage on a coat, so Wendy’s art director Michael Lee created one for the talk show host and surprised her with the coat on Friday’s (May 18) show. Even better, he shared instructions on how to recreate our own at home.


To start, find an old shirt and cut it at the seams to use as a pattern. Trace the pattern onto a floral fabric and cut out shapes of two arms – a front and a back. Sew all the pieces together keeping the floral pattern facing inward. (You could also find an old jacket and use that as the base).Once you’ve got your coat base together, hit up a Michael’s or other hobby shop and get at least 150-200 faux flowers (maybe more) in various colors and styles and cut off all of the stems. The tip is to cut as close to the actual flower, while leaving a little bit of wire so the flower doesn’t unravel.

Once all cut, hot glue the flowers onto the coat in desired pattern. “Be as random and sporadic as possible,” he said. Let cool. 

See his final creation below.

Floral Jacket X Wendy Show

Photo Credit: Instagram/@WendyShow