Short Film ‘Future First’ Celebrates Black Hair Magic

Photo Credit: Keep An Open Eye

Photo Credit: Keep An Open Eye

Remember when mainstream media lost their collective minds, calling cornrows “boxer braids”? Instead of just getting pissed, Look At My Black Beauty (LAMBB) collective created a short film celebrating all of our black hair magic.

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Directed by Naomi Grant, Future First is an artistic interpretation of a black girl’s response to the madness, showcasing a bevy of Black women serving as a moving background to a poem challenging the notion of and reclaiming beauty in Black spaces. The women are showcased in all of their Black girl magic in all shades and sizes, while rocking TWAs, curly coily afros, braids and cornrows.

“It rises like mountains, theirs falls like rain, “ we hear over the music about our hair. “They’d sit their hands inisde as if they’d find gold when they bring their palms out.”

While the film deals with cultural appropriation, the five-minute’s short true focus is on empowerment. “It isn’t about taking a stance as a victim, it is about reclaiming our place as black women and not being afraid to take up space,” described the collective.

Press play below to watch the empowering visuals.

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