Hype Chat: Simone Missick Talks ‘Luke Cage’, Black Superheroes & Healthy Hair

Simone Missick

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Beautiful and talented Simone Missick returns for a second season of the Netflix series Luke Cage. The actress made history last year when she was cast in the show as Marvel comic book character, Misty Knight. Early in Simone’s career, she was lauded as “One to Watch” by PEOPLE magazine, and along with her starring role in Luke Cage, she also makes recurring appearances on The Defenders and Iron Fist. In season one of Luke Cage, we saw Misty in action as a New York City detective in Harlem, and this season promises a host of exciting new adventures for Misty as her transformation into a full-fledged superhero continues to unfold.

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We caught up with Simone to get her thoughts on this groundbreaking role and delve into her natural hair journey and beauty secrets.


Hype Hair: You are returning for season two of Luke Cage. What do you enjoy most about portraying the character Misty?
Simone Missick: Misty is such a fun character to play. She’s smart and funny and doesn’t take anything from anybody. She is quick to cut you down to size if you need to be put back in your place. But she also has a lot of heart. As tough as she is, she’s a big ol’ softy on the inside. She’s vulnerable and really cares about her community and the people she loves. It’s fun to play a character with so many layers.

HH: What are some of the things you most have in common with your character?
SM: I think both Misty and I are very outspoken. I don’t necessarily deliver it the same way, but I definitely speak my mind. I have always been one of those people who speaks up when something isn’t right, and that’s who Misty is as well. Plus, we both can play basketball!

HH: Your character will be going through a big transition this season. Can you tell us a little bit about what we can expect?
SM: Spoiler alert! If you’ve seen The Defenders, then you know Misty lost her arm, which is a storyline from the comics. So we get to see Misty hurt and recovering, trying to adjust to life without a huge piece of herself. If you saw the pictures Marvel released of Misty’s new arm, then you know she recovers. And in a big way! I’m so excited to see the fights! Misty was already kick-ass, but now she’s got this bomb prosthetic! It’s going to be so much more action-packed than season one.

HH: This has been a big year for the emergence of Black superheroes in both film and television. What are your thoughts on making history as the first African American female superhero on a TV series?
SM: I’m so overjoyed! Misty was created at a time when there were absolutely no Black female superheroes. None. And this was the ’70s! Comics had been around for a while, and no one thought we mattered in that world. So
for Misty Knight to be the first one, you know they wanted to make a statement with her. It’s such an honor to be a part of the Marvel Superhero world, to portray a character that men, women, children—people all over the world love. And for it to have taken 40-plus years for her to make an appearance onscreen, it feels like a divine appointment. As an actor, you dream of opportunities like this. But the chance to be the first? Words can’t describe what that feels like.

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