Trend Alert? This Nail Art Looks Exactly Like Teeth

Teeth Nail Art x Sunny Nail

Photo Credit: instagram/@nail_sunny

We have come across some wacky trends in our quest for the next latest and greatest beauty look to try, but the latest trend to go viral has me all shook up. Forget about squiggly eyebrows and nedges, teeth nail art is now a thing.  Yes, you read correctly. Someone in the world, at this exact moment, is actually rocking tooth-shaped nails that look like molars from the back of your mouth (complete with cavity patchwork).

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The new look was first spotted on Moscow-based Nail Sunny’s Instagram. The nail art chain is known for creating out of the box artwork, but even this one left social media fans scratching their heads. Don’t get me wrong — I am all here for self expression and nail art has been the ultimate go-to for fun, funky and artistic storytelling. But this right here?

For those wondering how the look was created or if they are really shaped like teeth all the way around, Nail Sunny even created a quick how-to video. Press play below and let us know if you would ever rock this look 

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