The First-Ever Neon Lip Paint Is Here

Listen Hard Girl Neon Lip Paint Liquid lipstick just got a major glow-up with INC.redible’s launch of its Listen Hard Girl Neon Lip Paint. The new lippies are the first-ever fluorescent lip paint to hit the market.

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The new offering comes in two must-have colors for the summer: a bold and brilliant orange “I’m Hot RN” and a supersonic power pink “She’s Arrived” that look good on nearly all skin tones (yaaasss!). Not only do they actually glow under blacklight, their special formulation promises to sit like a “lightweight butter” while delivering a matte finish that won’t dry out your lips.

This is no small feat, either. As much as we love to talk neon, it is apparently a hard thing to do with makeup since only eight colors are approved for cosmetics. The Real Neon Lip Paint is the first lippie to be formulated with one of those colors. It makes, sense, though given that the brand’s founder, Thea Green, was also the first to bring us the world’s first spray-on and magnetic polishes.

And the coverage on this innovation is everything. You can rock out with one-swipe for a sheer effect or build it up for full-on shocking boldness. The lippies are also vegan and paraben-free. We should note that the lippies aren’t completely transfer-proof, but with such bold AF colors, do you really care?

Cop them now for $10 apiece exclusively at Sephora.

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