This Is How Rihanna Creates The Perfect Summer Beauty Beat [VIDEO]

Rihanna Makeup tutorial
Photo Credit: Vogue

Rihanna knows how to bring the magic and sister girl realness to everything she touches — and her makeup tutorials are no exception. The beauty teamed with Vogue for her cover shoot to create a makeup tutorial that embodies everything we’ve come to expect: fun, fierce and fabulousness.

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Who wouldn’t want to be in the room as she shows how to create the perfect summer beat (“more is more”) which she said can take 10 minutes or feel like 10 hours depending on the day she’s having. And getting a firsthand look at how she rocks pigments and tools from her Fenty Beauty line to apply foundation, contour her cheeks and chin and layer her highlights is pretty much everything.

“The best teacher is yourself. You have to practice on your own face because there are going to be things you can do better than the makeup artist.”

We all have something we have to get right or we won’t leave the house and for Rihanna, it’s her eyebrows. “I am super super caught up about my brows — and my nose contour (because, I’m Black).

But, at the end of the day, she says to not take it too seriously. “Makeup is fun, it’s there’s to play with.”

Press play below to watch our fave bad gal show off her skill.


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