Rachel Dolezal Is Out Here Braiding Black Hair & Y’All Actually Sitting In Her Chair?

Rachel Dolezal

Photo Credit: Instagram/@racheldolezal

I try not to entertain foolishness, so I have mostly avoided all things Rachel Dolezal since her cultural theft became public in 2015. But, when a friend shared a pic of this woman having her own hair business doing Black hair – I had to stop and take note. Let me get this straight. This White woman who pretended to be Black and served as an NAACP chapter president  — and once outed, claimed to be transracial —  is out here braiding up, faux loc’ing and cornrowing hair and Black folks are actually setting up appointments to sit up in her chair? She’s even calling herself a weavologist. WTH?

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Okay, so I get she was doing hair before the national fallout and controversy, but how can folks still be lining up to have crazy hands in their heads? Her Instagram is chock full of women (who actually let her show their faces) rocking all sorts of installs. I can even admit that some of the looks she created are actually cute. 

To be clear, I’m not mad that a White woman is doing Black hair — there are many talented, kick-ass women of non-Black persuasion snatching our edges and giving us our braided lives. But, Rachel Dolezal? C’mon, son. How can you be comfortable having someone who so blatantly fetishized Black identity now coif your hair with hairstyles that are an integral part of Black identity? She didn’t have to fake Blackness to serve as an ally, but she did. And, what does that say about us as Black women — to allow someone to troll us and then give them our money? Aren’t we tired, yet?

I refuse to believe she is the only person in town who can do hair. And, if she is, y’all need to gather up some coin as a Spokane collective and train up somebody else. And, yes, I’m judging. This is ridiculous. I don’t even want to post any of the looks she did, lest anyone else think they should be sitting up in her chair. But, what the hell, scroll down for a few below. 

I can’t be the only one in their feelings about this. Can I?

Rachel Dolezal X hair work
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