K. Michelle Has Second Surgery To Remove Butt Shot Injections

K. Michelle

K. Michelle has been very vocal over the past year about getting her once glorified butt implants removed. The R&B singer even appeared on Dr. Oz in February to reveal her surgery which removed about 40% of the initial injections. Turns out, she is still experiencing complications and needs to have a second surgery to remove even more.

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“They have to get them out,” she said in a recent appearance on the Steve Harvey show. “They’re cutting tissue out of my body so that my body will stop reacting to trying to push it out.”

K. Michelle said she got the injections during a time when “everybody was doing it.” Other artists like Cardi B have also been open about getting this illicit (and illegal) work done, but K. Michelle isn’t extolling the virtues of the process. Instead, she wants fans to know that it can affect your health and even kill you.

“A lot of your favorite artists, we went to the same person. They’re sick too, but I just talk about mine. I don’t lie to y’all. I don’t tell y’all, ‘Oooh this is great!’ It’ll catch up. So I said, if I can show them my body, and what I did, I can also show them the outcome and the consequences of it. So I’ve been very open about it.”

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