Celeb Stylist Luxury Law Talks Designers Refusing To Dress Zendaya

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When it comes to having the fashion game on lock, Zendaya is a force to be reckoned with. Known for her impeccable sense of style, the Hollywood darling always takes risks without missing a beat. But her stylist Luxury Law reveals that the road to climbing the ranks in designer fashion was no easy feat for the starlet.

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During an appearance on The Hollywood Reporter’s First Stylist’s Roundtable, the stylist opened up about building Zendaya’s fashion career without the help of major design houses. “Zendaya made it to the cover of Vogue,” he said. “She has never worn Valentino, she has never worn Gucci, she has never worn Chanel. She only wore Dolce & Gabbana when she got a Dolce & Gabbana campaign. We built her career and my career using smaller brands and emerging designers to prove a point that it can happen!”

“It’s a big f*ck you because we all know the public relations want to bring someone to you because ‘oh she can get her in Valentino’ but what I wanted to prove was that she doesn’t have to be in Valentino to become a fashion girl,” he continued. “So now that everybody wants to dress her, I go back and say ‘Not this season!’”

The news shouldn’t come as a too much of a shock given that some celebs have openly expressed designers shying away from dressing budding stars in the industry. In June 2016, comedienne Leslie Jones shared her frustrations with designers via Twitter about not being able find anyone to style her for her Ghostbusters premiere — with designer Christian Siriano came to the rescue.

Today, the fashion world is definitely Zendaya’s oyster. From launching her own fashion line to teaming up with Boohoo to create her own custom inclusive collection, Zendaya is not only serving face but building her own beauty empire. We can’t wait to see what she rolls out with next. 


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