Ellarie’s Six-Year-Old Daughter’s Colourpop Review Will Make You Step Up Your Game


Photo Credit: Instagram/@yoshidoll

Yoshidoll is bringing the heat with her first makeup review of her mother’s Ellarie X Colourpop collection. Already taking cues from her mom, the grade-schooler is no stranger to the camera with her own Youtube channel filled with natural hair katorials showcasing her gorgeous tresses. Now, the six-year-old is taking centerstage with her makeup game and her skills will blow your mind.

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Just like a seasoned beauty blogger, she begins her review with an enthusiastic, yet adorable greeting and introduces the collection, showing off the PR packaging and describing each lippie shade- the Yoshidoll way. Filled with hand gestures, adorable facial expressions and her undeniable sass, the cutie takes no prisoners with her review. She tries on each shade (with application skills that rival most adults) and shares her hilarious opinions.

“Here’s the first one, she says. “So I see of course it’s glitter in it. It’s not really much of a gold, like a brownish, light brown. I can’t really explain the color. It’s called Steelo. Ok Steelo, let’s see what you’re about (laughs). This is my favorite part. It doesn’t really show up that well so it’s not really my favorite one. I thought it was looking good in the jar, but on the real lips not too good. Sorry, Steelo you’re out.”

Kids say the darndest things and her review is as hilarious as it is on point. Press play below to see Yoshidoll go to work!


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