Jhene Aiko Reveals Painful Regimen For Flawless Skin

Jhene Aiko

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The quest for clear skin can either have you spending some serious coin (and out-there regimens) or on relying on drugstore dupes. There are benefits for each one — but Jhene Aiko prefers the former. Often complimented on her smooth and blemish-free skin, the Moments singer’s road to skincare bliss is not cheap — or easy.

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In a recent Instagram post, the beauty shared her secret weapon for flawless skin: laser treatments. “I get Fraxel about twice a year,” she revealed to fans. “It’s an intense laser treatment that improves texture, acne scars and enlarged pores.” 

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“It’s kinda expensive,” continued. “And hurts like sh*t. Ur face micro scabs… the scabs fall off gradually… over a period of like 7 days. And then a new layer of skin is revealed… your face stays swollen for like another week. It’s all so worth it tho lol.”

She also shared her beauty regimen between laser treatments —  including birth control —  to combat any skin issues.

“I keep up the results w/ Alastin skin care, iS Clinical serums, Cerave wash, Lancer scrub and Circcell Aboserum. Also I take collagen pills, drink kangen water, apple cider vinegar and take Super Food by Dr Shulze’s daily. I used to have cystic acne due to ovarian cyst. The b.c. helps w/ that.”

All this may have you questioning her pain tolerance, but judging by her skin, the discomfort may be well worth it. What is your go-to skin regimen for flawless skin? Would you consider dropping some coins on treatments like this.  laser treatment? Sound off below!

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